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Distinct styling themes developed exclusively by Watermarks assist designers, architects, builders, and clients throughout the journey, helping to readily identify products that best fit their vision and style preferences.


Where the past meets the present. An heirloom passed down through generations, tradition that endures, and the sense of timeless belonging that you value. These are the touchstones of your lifestyle and help define your art of living well.


It's a big world but you continually find inspiration in its variety. You are innovative and experimental yet whimsical and creative. Constantly exploring, your global sensibilities incline you towards the provocative leaving the conservative choice to others.


Yours is a world of elegance and grace where your sophisticated style encompasses all that glitters. Opulence is your calling card and whether it is realized in the stylishness of haute couture or the beauty of architecture that approaches sculpture, the essence of your style is glamour.


Your life is free of clutter keeping nothing more than you need. Some call this minimalist, but in truth you understand that the spaces between are as important as the objects. Simplicity and practicality are the cornerstones of your understated and purposeful design sense.


Whether it's springtime in Paris or a picnic under a willow tree your romantic spirit is fueled by a lacy romanticism. Surrounding yourself with the soft and the subtle, the precious and the delicate, your appreciate the sentimental and the mysterious.