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One of the most used and personal spaces in a busy bathroom, is the shower. Options range from the typical basic shower (showerhead and its control) to the ultimate personal spa experience with all the bells and whistles. Exploring the possibilities and options for your shower can become quite intimidating. Let the professionals at Watermarks create the perfect custom shower for you and your family.

Shower Fixtures

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Valves and their decorative trims control the functions of your shower. The valve, installed to the studs and pipes, is required prior to all wall finishes. The selected shower function will determine the type of valves required. Options range from Pressure Balance for basic showers to Thermostatic controls for more complicated combinations of three or more functions. Digital systems are also becoming very popular for the tech savvy individuals and are of course the way of the future.


Hand showers are mobile showerheads mounted to the wall with brackets or on vertical stationary bars. The attached hoses allow the user to direct water where needed. In many applications, the handheld has a dual purpose, acting as both the showerhead and handheld.

Shower Heads

Showerheads are available in many different shapes and sizes. Showerheads deliver water at 2 to 2.5 GPM in a variety of spray option, intensities and configurations.

Flush Mount

Flush Mount Rain Heads vary in size, and combination of features. Installed tightly or flush to the ceiling surface creating a clean understated concealing application. Features such as lighting, chromatherapy, waterfalls and various rain patterns are common on the larger scale rain heads.

Body Srays

Body sprays mounted on vertical walls of the shower direct water horizontally and when positioned to individual personal needs provide targeted relief for arthritis, sports injuries or just everyday aches and pains.


Shower Columns are shower systems where the components combine into one movable unit including the rough-in parts. A manageable way of retrofitting existing showers.


Exposed shower systems create a very different aesthetic. Historically exposed shower systems have been more traditional and rustic. In today’s market contemporary designs have become very popular. The components are external including the valve. Therefore, the valve is not required prior to wall finishes.

Shower Doors & Bases

A beautiful designer shower door and base can transform your bathroom from just a functional room to a sanctuary, open airy and inviting. Let the professionals at Watermarks walk you through the possibilities.

Sliding DOors

Sliding Glass Shower doors move horizontally usually sliding behind a stationary piece of glass or wall. The glass suspends from a decorative rod system, which becomes part of the overall esthetics. Pay special attention to measurements and installation methods.

Pivot Doors

Showers with Pivoting doors come in many different styles, sizes and configurations. The door will always pivot out, into the bathroom for safety reasons. Single doors are available for walled-in custom shower enclosures.


Create the perfect shower enclosure by customizing. Let the experts’ measure, fabricate and install. Custom shower enclosures are the best solution for unusual sizes, shapes, or fully enclosed areas, as required for today’s popular steam showers. Let your imagination go wild!


Neo-Round or Neo –Angle, the usual terms used for corner showers. The showers measure the same distance from the corner on both sides. The Neo-Round showers are available with sliding door applications, but the Neo-Angle is limited to a pivoting door.


The Shower Shield contains the shower spray from extending past the glass. Although there is not complete protection from water spray, it does create a very spacious open feel to the bathroom. Shields are also available for tubs.

Tub / Shower

Tub shower doors are available as sliding or pivoting tempered glass enclosures mounted to the top of a tubs exposed, open edges.