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The Kitchen sink and faucet…probably one of the most used fixtures in the house. I guess then it should be durable! Yes! Kitchen sinks come in many different designs, material and configurations. Cast Iron has made a great come back, probably the most durable type of sink available and used in traditional to contemporary settings. The Stainless Steel, one of most popular and functional types. Then there’s Copper, Copper plated, Stone Resins, Ceramic or Porcelain. Configurations of single bowls, various double bowls, smart divides and then there are all the accessories, bottom grids, cutting boards and the list can go on and on.

Today there are many different faucet items available that perform a variety of different functions. The Main sink faucet, Prep faucets, Bar faucet, Potfillers. Pull down functions or are you better with a side spray? There are even electronic touch faucets, for when your hands are messy. Many different shapes and sizes and one of them will fit your Style..


Kitchen Sinks

Today’s kitchen sinks have come along way, not only is the historic cast iron popular again but available in new improved finishes and colors, that will last forever. Porcelain, stainless steel, fireclay, stone, stone composites are joined by coppers, and concrete. Today sinks also come in many different shapes, sizes and available with features that bring function to a whole new level. Add the many sink accessories available today and turn your kitchen sink into the most functional work station you’ve ever seen.

Drop in or Counter Mount

The drop in or sometimes called counter mount sink has a finished edge surround that is exposed and sits on or is flush mounted with the counter top. The edge is visible and creates a finished edge that conceals roughly cut counter-tops such as laminates. The drop in sinks are easier to install and usually a less expensive alternative.

Under Mount

Mounted under the cut opening in the counter top with brackets and sealed with silicone. Used with hard surface counter tops where edges are smoothly finished creating a clean minimalistic look.

Apron Front

The front of the sink extends to the front of the counter top and cabinetry creating an exposed skirt. The exposed skirt can also come shaped and detailed for a more customized effect. The majority of Apron front sinks should be present at the time of counter top fabrication to make sure cuts are fit perfectly with the sink. Some exceptions do apply.

Specialty Sinks

What does specialty actually mean when talking about Kitchen Sinks. Can it be the material, the shape, configuration, features, function or just a creatively design second sink in the kitchen. It can be all these things. Enjoy the journey through this section you’ll be amazed at what’s available.

Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucet is probably one of the most used items in the busy family home. It is probably turned on off more often than any other fixture in the home. The styles, designs and function are basically unlimited to the imagination of our manufactures. There are some specific features that identify or categorize the different faucets. Pull Out, Pull Down, Bridge Style and the newest Touch or Touch-less faucet satisfying the demand for high tech influences.


The base is structured as a bridge base holding the spout and handles forming one piece. The handles are separate hot and cold handles. Although in the past the bridge faucets has been seen in more traditional applications, it has evolved and now available in transitional and contemporary renditions. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

Pull Out/ Pull Down

Usually a single or double hole faucet that pulls down or out from the nose of the spout. The on and off handle is either attached to the body of the faucet or a separate single lever next to the body that mixes the hot and cold water. The pull out or down piece that pulls from the spout has two to three different spray patterns. The most commonly purchased faucet in today’s markets.


Technology influences everything in today’s world and it has captured the kitchen faucet. The “goopy guck” on your hands can be rinsed off with just a wave or a light touch.