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The BATHROOM – a space not only for hygiene, but a private sanctuary where to relax, enjoy and escape the stresses of every day life. Determine your personal style and start the journey at Watermarks selecting options that will bring your dream bathroom to reality.


From traditional to contemporary, faucet design has evolved dramatically through out time. Faucets have become the jewellery, the bling, the accent that completes the bathroom. Faucets now come in many different finishes, styles and configurations.

Single Hole

Usually controlled by a single lever for hot and cold water, installed into one hole on your countertop. The position of the lever is determined by the design of the faucet.

8" Widespread

One of the most popular faucet configurations, a separate lever for hot and cold water with the spout centered in between. The two outside holes measure at an 8" distance, creating a substantial impact.

4" Centerset

The 4" Centerset faucet is not as commonly used, as it has been in the past. A separate lever for hot and cold water with the spout centered in between, usually joined by an escutcheon plate with the two outside holes measuring at a 4" distance.


Save counter space by mounting your faucet on the wall. The wall mount faucet is a customized, sleek look, which you could pair with a vessel style sink, or an under mounted sink.


Sinks are designed in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. They can be the focal point or the most discreet fixture in the room. Create a fashion forward bathroom by incorporating an attention grabbing sink.


An under mount sink is always installed with a stone countertop. Creating a clean look, and a seamless counter surface, only the inside bowl remains exposed. The vast variety includes classic white, delicate patterns and subtle textures, and dramatic decorative coloured glass.


More commonly used in the powder room, specialty materials such as glass, stone, bronze, and copper will dress up your space. Sitting on your stone countertop as a bowl style, a vessel sink is sure to be the focal point of any room.


Most commonly used with a laminate countertop, the drop-in sink is the conventional approach of installation. The sink is placed in the cut out from above, with the rim resting on the countertop.


Pedestal sinks are most often used in smaller spaces, where there is a low demand for storage. The sink is always pre-drilled for a faucet, coming in a variety of different designs and colours.


Create the ultimate spa experience by upgrading to a system tub, mass-air, active-air, whirlpool, chromatherapy and music can all be a part of your everyday routine. Bathtubs are available in different materials and installation types.


An alcove tub is typically a tub and shower combination. Installed with-in three walls, the standard design includes a integrated skirt and tiling flange. For a more customised look utilize different materials to finish the front, some designs are offered without an integrated skirt.


A drop-in tub would be found in a bathroom with a separate shower. The tub is designed to rest on top of the surround, which would be finished with tile, stone or other materials. The deck around it would accommodate for mounting the roman tub filler. This is the most common application for use of a system tub.


A thinner profile of stone or acrylic, creates a sculptural look for the centerpiece of your bathroom. This floor mounted installation allows access from multiple sides, and a minimalistic look.


Incorporating form and function, many toilets are now flushing 1000 grams of waste at 1.28 gallons per flush. Features such as comfort height, elongated bowls, soft close seats and concealed or fully skirted trap ways have transformed the world of toilets. Touchless flush, remote controls, music, heated seats, deodorized seats, bidet functionality and specialty lighting are now readily available products in this growing market.


Two piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl. Bowl styles are available in comfort height or regular height, elongated and round front. The toilet seat is always sold separately.


One piece toilets have the tank and bowl integrated together and are permanently attached. One of the benefits of a one piece toilet is easy cleaning, and it comes with a toilet seat!


Dual Flush is a water saving flush system that gives you the option for a half flush or a full flush depending on the need. The flush buttons are more traditionally located on the top of the toilet tank, a new innovation allows for a stacked trip lever to select your flush.


This space saving and innovative design has made its way to North America. The toilet tank and holder is located in the wall, this is called the wall carrier. Height adjustable, you can mount the toilet at a height comfortable for you. You can choose a full flush or half flush of water when using the actuator buttons mounted on the wall.