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Beauty is in the detail. Add accessories to your space for a luxurious finishing touch! Increase the functionality of your room, with the wide variety of options for Bathroom and Kitchens. Create a space where everything has a place.


Compliment your faucets with coordinating paper holders, towel bars and robe hooks and more, the options are endless!

Mirrors & Lighting

Brighten your room with wall sconces on either side of your medicine cabinet, or with a wall light over your mirror. Many manufacturers offer lighting fixtures in specialty finishes to compliment their faucet designs.


Restore your health and wellness by incorperating steam into your shower. Steam will increase your bloodflow, detoxify your body, and improve your respiratory system.

Heating Elements

Incorporate in floor heating and towel warmers to add elements of luxury to your home. There is nothing more inviting than a cozy bathroom!

Shower Drains

Linear drains have become a trend in today's bathroom. There are many options to customize your shower with, grate styles, finishes, and even lights.


Proper ventilation should be a priority in every home to maintain a healthy living space. Some ventilation fans are made with motion sensors, humidity sensors, and lights!

Safety & Seating

Keep your family safe by installing decorative safety bars and seating in strategic areas of your bathroom.


Creative storage solutions available for today's kitchen and bath market have come a long way from not only being practical but emphasise creativity and beautiful design. Let the professional at Watermarks, find you the best possible solutions.